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Become a Certified Apostille Agent

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Q: What is a certified apostille agent?

A certified apostille agent is a person trained and certified by the Apostille Class Company to correctly and promptly obtain the required government authentications from the proper county, state, federal and embassy government authorities in the correct order for documents to be presented in foreign countries. The Agent knows what is required, where to go, what to do and how to correctly expedite the process as promptly as possible. He/She is a private contractor and not a government employee . The physical application of the required apostille/certification seal is placed by a U.S. Designated Competent Authority.  The Certified Apostille Agent serves as a professional fee paid agent for individuals, schools, corporations etc. seeking document authentications for docs destined to be presented in foreign counties.


Q: Who needs apostilles?

U.S. Citizens getting married or seeking employment in foreign countries, students studying abroad, companies conducting international business, persons seeking dual citizenship, graduates wanting to use their U.S. degree or diploma in a foreign country, anyone needing to use U.S. documents in a foreign country, etc.

Trained and equipped:

Our Certified Apostille Agent graduates are trained and equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully operate their own document authentication business. All of our graduates bear our school seal, verifying that they have successfully met or surpassed our standards and our tests. This independent business may be operated either on a full or part-time basis.



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