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Our Topmost Priority

It is our topmost priority to adequately upskill our certified Apostille Agents with the knowledge and skills to run their individual apostille business. Each agent is required to meet our educational standards and show distinction in our tests, as a result of which, we assign them our school seal. Our school seal attests that our graduates have acquired professional training. Our agents excel in conducting the apostille process in an expedited and accurate manner. Post-training, the agents can choose to run their independent business on a part-time or full-time basis. Lastly, our other educational class mynotaryclass.com is listed with the State of California,, (education vendor #606092) which further validates the professionalism of our corporation.

All That You Need to Know About Certified Apostille Agents

The job of an apostille agent is to obtain a government authentication on legal documents that an applicant has to submit in a foreign country. The government authentication can be sought on a state or federal level, or from the respective embassy/consulate. Apostille agents function on a private basis as they are not government employees. They charge a fee for their services to any individual, corporation, colleges, or any such entity that needs official authentication of documents destined to any foreign country. The agents are familiar and experienced in furnishing the correct documents in the right order. They know which contacts and establishments to reach out to and the techniques to ace the entire procedure. An apostille agent is certified and well-trained in the entire process by our Apostille Class. Lastly, an official from the Secretary of State’s department will be required to seal the documents for apostille.

Perks of Becoming an Apostille Agent

Nation-wide demand A growing market Client pays you directly Self-employment High earning probability



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