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  • How long is this course?
    On average, most of our students take 4 hours to complete our course. Once you have signed up, you are required to complete our class test to receive a certificate.
  • Is it necessary to be a U.S. citizen for this program?
    No, your citizenship does not affect your eligibility to become an Apostille Agent.
  • Do I have to be a notary public?
    No. However, if you’re a notary public, you can target and attract larger clientele who would prefer your apostille services due to better qualifications.
  • How much would I make as an Apostille Agent?
    There are a number of factors that determine your earnings from an apostille business, such as the population you’re targeting, your marketing techniques, and your state or nationality. Therefore, it is difficult to provide an accurate estimate of revenue. With hard work and strategic marketing, your business is bound to flourish and gather large revenue streams.
  • How can I generate more leads for an apostille business?
    We recommend a Google Business Profile, Bing, Flyers, direct mail, classified ads via Craigslist, social media marketing via YouTube/Facebook, pay-per-click ads, mailing to law firms, translators and notaries. Seeking connections with universities and colleges is also important as they can refer their students to your business.
  • What are the benefits of choosing this apostille course versus another?
    Our training program has some crucial differentiators; Our company is well-recognized and highly reputed for its certification services Our professional training courses equip our graduates with the best practices, know-how, and skills that prevent them from committing costly mistakes Our experience makes for the best training course and examinations Our graduates receive updates of all training tools and materials, free of cost, for a period of one year Our training course is by far the best for Apostille Agent training and showing them how to gain clients within the U.S. With the term ‘apostille agent’ gaining more attention day by day, our services are also becoming more popular. We offer support that helps our graduates get their apostille businesses up and running. Our course includes animated and voice over videos that make it easy to comprehend the material. ​
  • How do we get you clients?
    We build you a personal Business profile and get it to the top of google using our "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) marketing techniques. We start the process immediately after you sign up for our course. You may monitor the process of your Google Business Profile and see it go to the top of google's local search results. You can expect Apostille appointments weekly. The more exposure your Google Business Profile has the more clients you may expect. Clients will call you and you'll meet them at a location of their choice or your office. The client always pays you cash, debit or credit card directly. ​
  • Are there any special government license or legal permit requirements for this training?
    No, there are no license/permits required to undertake apostille training. Why would anyone prefer an Apostille Agent over carrying out the authentication process themselves? Most of the people are unaware of the proper procedure for attesting documents, embassy legalization, documents’ requirements, apostilles, or certifications. People tend to be anxious when it comes to document work, and trust professionals to know and handle their document requirements better. Most of the clients face a time crunch when it comes to meeting authentication deadlines, so they opt for apostille agents. Who are the expected customers for apostille business? Corporations or businesses with international branches or firms Anyone who needs to submit U.S. academic records like diplomas or degrees in a foreign country Any U.S. citizen who has married outside the U.S. U.S. citizen applying for studies or jobs abroad Any political entity or party who need to submit legal document in foreign countries Which documents are most frequently submitted for apostille? The most frequently submitted documents majorly includes vital statistics documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, migration, divorce, and death certificate. Others include diplomas or transcripts, Power of Attorney documents, and other corporate or personal documents.
  • Can my business operate via internet and mail?
    Yes, running your business online through internet and email helps you reach a greater range of clients, with no location constraints. In this regard, please note that only documents with a destination outside the U.S.A are included in our training. Do I have to personally apply the authentication of apostille/certification on the documents? No. As a private agent, your only job would be to carry out the authentication process by collaborating with the state/local/federal government offices or embassies in the U.S. in a prompt and professional manner.
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