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What Types of Documents you can get it Apostilled

Public Documents

Documents issued in the State of California and bear the signature and/ or the stamp of an elected or appointed officials such as Vital Records, documents issued by California Corporation Division, Health Department, and Division of Motor Vehicle.

The document must be an original certificate or a certified copy.

  • Birth Certificate

  • Death Certificate

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Divorce Certificate

  • Driver License

  • US Passport

  • Police Clearance

  • Adoption Certificate

  • Certificate of Merger

  • Certificate of Formation

  • Certificate of Good Standing

  • Restated Certificate of Incorporation

  • Termination of Foreign Corporation

  • Statement of Dissolution

  • Certificate of existence

  • Business License

  • Assignment

  • Amendment

  • Consolidation Certificate

  • Foreign Certificate of Registration

  • Certificate of Incumbency

  • Articles of Incorporation


General Documents

Documents issued by private agencies in the State of California such as corporations, schools, and universities. Documents below may be notarized and then thus apostilled by using the copy certification by custodian form via our apostille loophole method. Please refer to the apostille loophole video to learn how.

  • Agreement to Form a Corporation

  • Insurance Certificate

  • Business Letter

  • Letter of Authorization

  • Power of Attorney

  • ISO Certificate

  • Technical Data Sheet

  • Affidavit

  • Free sale Certificate

  • Stock Certificate

  • Shareholder List

  • Change of Agent

  • Stock Purchase Agreement

  • Health Certificate

  • Agency Agreement

  • Company Bylaws

  • Certificate of Analysis

  • School Transcript

  • College Transcript

  • School Diploma

  • Teaching Credentials

  • TESOL Certificate

  • Doctorate Degree

  • Graduate Record Examination GRE

  • Doctorate Certificate

  • College Diploma

  • Master Degree

  • Associate Degree

  • Bachelor Degree/ Certificate

  • Letter of Resignation

  • Distributor Agreement

  • letter of Intent

  • Operating Agreement

Federal Document

Documents must be issued by one of the federal agencies in the United States such as the FDA, the FBI, the USPTO, the IRS, the EPA, the Social Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security…etc.

The document must be original and bear the embossed seal of the federal agency.

  • Sanitation Certificate

  • Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)

  • Certificate of Exportability

  • Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG)

  • Certificate of Non-Clinical Research Use Only Materials Certificate

  • Trademark

  • Plant certificate

  • Animal Health Certificate

  • Phytosanitary Certificate

  • Certificate of Pharmaceutical products (COPP)

  • Certificate of Pharmaceutical product- Foreign Manufacturer

  • Specified Risk Material of Bovine, Ovine, and Caprine Origin Materials.

  • FBI Criminal Background Check

  • Patent

  • Form 6166‐ US Tax Residency

  • Homeland Security Documents

  • Naturalization Certificate

  • Social Security Documents

  • Social Security Benefits Letter

  • Note: The Federal issued documents cannot be certified from California SOS, Instead, the Apostille stamp on the federal document must be obtained from the US Department of State in Washington DC.

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